Monday, January 19, 2009

Boy in Gujarat

Just to evoke a clearer mental image of how many kids are employed underage:

"There are more children under the age of fourteen in India than the entire population of the United States. The great challenge of India, as a developing country, is to provide nutrition, education and health care to these children."

child labor is a complex issue that is rooted in poverty, there is unwavering commitment by the Government and the people of India as by other developing nations to combat it. Success can be achieved only through social engineering on a major scale combined with national economic growth.The following link is a personal account of a frail boy who has escaped from Pappadum (Indian wafer) unit in Gujarat, India.the boy was sold into slavery by his own parents to an agent for 7,000 rupees (equivalent of $143)

Friday, January 16, 2009

Another Brief Explanation

This we believe...

This post is an example of a complex, two-sided message by pointing out why child labor is bad, why some think it is good, and then refuting their ideas with cold evidence.

do you want your kids to be child slaves

This is an effective fear inducing message that points out the risks in children's lives, what will happen if this continues, and how to prevent it.

It isn't good

This is a textbook example of a message with a distractor. The message has a simple message, "Donate to preventing child labor" and a scrolling animation on the bottom of the screen.

This we believe...

What you may have heard about Child Labor

We here at IDLCLBIIB believe that Child Labor should be eliminated for the sake of children everywhere. Child labor is inhumane and shortens the lifespan of a child who should be free to access the same opportunities children all over the globe get. By eliminating child labor and not purchasing goods made by child labor, America's economy will thrive. We will stop outsourcing our labor for cheap and will make more jobs for able and willing American men and women of the legal working age.

Now, opponents of child labor will differ with me; they say that without exploiting children for work, their companies will fail. They will also argue that the children are being paid and making money for the families to put food on the table every night and that without their help, these children will die from living in poverty.

These people, however, are wrong in their thinking. If child labor is taken out, able bodied men and women in their countries will fill those jobs, putting food on their tables for their children. If not required to work all the time, these children can gain access to an education which has been proven to be the easiest element in helping families get out of poverty.

Child labor used to be a problem in the United States but we have since regulated and outlawed these practices; let's now change the world.

do you want your kids to be child slaves

  • Hazardous child labour and negative percentages
    In May 2002, the ILO issued a new Global report on Child labour that describes the extent of the problem. Almost 250 million children, about one in every six children aged 5 to 17 on the face of the globe, are involved in child labour. Of these, some 179 million (one in eight) are trapped in the “worst forms” of child labour. The worst form are those that endanger the child’s physical, mental or moral well-being.
    Children can be found in almost any economic sector. However, at a global level, most of them are in agriculture (70%). Some hazards in agriculture are the exposure to pesticides, the use of dangerous machinery or tools (like knives), carrying heavy loads, the presence of snakes, and so on. Children working in agriculture are the ones suffering most injuries. And one of the sad characteristics of child labour in agriculture are the few, if any opportunities for advance or change.
    The elimination of child labour is a long-term objective. However, in the meanwhile, we cannot allow that children are injured or harmed at work in their struggle for survival, especially when we have the knowledge and means to prevent this.
    What Will Happen If We Keep Relying on Child Labor
  • kids will have bad health problems
  • Children will die slow deaths!
  • kids wont live as long
  • we will relie on child labor to produce at a lower clost driving up the earnings of the employer
    Specific Steps To Help STOP Child Labor!

Preventing Child Labor
Child labor and hunger is one of the principal social illnesses in my country. There are many institutes, organizations, public departments and international organizations like UNICEF whose main objective is to prevent child labor. They have many steps to prevent it and I have some ideas that can help.
First, many children left their homes in a way to avoid the abuse that they are victims of from their parents. To prevent this bad treatment, the government could help give conferences to the parents about child labor and the consequences that it brings. In this way, we can help prevent other children running away from home and living as homeless children.
Another option could be to build homes for those children that are living in the streets. They will be sent to these homes and they would not have to live outside. In this way we can help prevent children from any abuse that they can suffer in the streets. In these homes, children are not supposed to work; they can study and learn a career, and they will get a better job and a future.
Child labor is a very serious problem. Politicians should make laws to prevent child labor and find solutions. Children are our future and we have to take care of them if we want a better future.

  • This
  • could
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  • son!!!

It isn't good


Thursday, January 15, 2009

A Brief Explanation


This post is a use of repetition, ingraining in your head that child labor is, in fact, bad.


This post is an idea for a commercial we would use with Susan Serandin that would flash an image of a baby with a sad face on it.

I Didn't Get Thighs Like These Working in Sweat Shops!

This post is an example of classical conditioning by pairing an attractive woman from the 1950s informing you that child labor is bad.

Child Labor is BAD Part 2

This image is one we created that uses intensity. The letters are all different colors and very large which draws the eyes to it and invades the viewer's thoughts.


This image which we also created uses classical conditioning pairing a child laborer with ice cream, something everyone likes playing on the thought that unless you eliminate child labor, this child will not get ice cream ever again.

Mr. Rogers Says

This post is a message from a credible communicator who exhibits trustworthiness. Mr. Rogers was a soft spoken man who was very gentle and is known for his work caring for children. As a credible communicator, Mr. Rogers would be perfect for our cause.

Myron Weiner an Expert on Child Labor

This post is a blurb about another credible communicator, Myron Weiner, a spokesman for child labor worldwide. As an expert, people would listen to what he has to say.

Child Labor Survey....Take It!!!!

This is our survey. Enjoy!

Mr. Rogers Says

(Mr. Rogers Photo Source: wikipedia)