Thursday, January 15, 2009

A Brief Explanation


This post is a use of repetition, ingraining in your head that child labor is, in fact, bad.


This post is an idea for a commercial we would use with Susan Serandin that would flash an image of a baby with a sad face on it.

I Didn't Get Thighs Like These Working in Sweat Shops!

This post is an example of classical conditioning by pairing an attractive woman from the 1950s informing you that child labor is bad.

Child Labor is BAD Part 2

This image is one we created that uses intensity. The letters are all different colors and very large which draws the eyes to it and invades the viewer's thoughts.


This image which we also created uses classical conditioning pairing a child laborer with ice cream, something everyone likes playing on the thought that unless you eliminate child labor, this child will not get ice cream ever again.

Mr. Rogers Says

This post is a message from a credible communicator who exhibits trustworthiness. Mr. Rogers was a soft spoken man who was very gentle and is known for his work caring for children. As a credible communicator, Mr. Rogers would be perfect for our cause.

Myron Weiner an Expert on Child Labor

This post is a blurb about another credible communicator, Myron Weiner, a spokesman for child labor worldwide. As an expert, people would listen to what he has to say.

Child Labor Survey....Take It!!!!

This is our survey. Enjoy!

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