Friday, January 16, 2009

This we believe...

What you may have heard about Child Labor

We here at IDLCLBIIB believe that Child Labor should be eliminated for the sake of children everywhere. Child labor is inhumane and shortens the lifespan of a child who should be free to access the same opportunities children all over the globe get. By eliminating child labor and not purchasing goods made by child labor, America's economy will thrive. We will stop outsourcing our labor for cheap and will make more jobs for able and willing American men and women of the legal working age.

Now, opponents of child labor will differ with me; they say that without exploiting children for work, their companies will fail. They will also argue that the children are being paid and making money for the families to put food on the table every night and that without their help, these children will die from living in poverty.

These people, however, are wrong in their thinking. If child labor is taken out, able bodied men and women in their countries will fill those jobs, putting food on their tables for their children. If not required to work all the time, these children can gain access to an education which has been proven to be the easiest element in helping families get out of poverty.

Child labor used to be a problem in the United States but we have since regulated and outlawed these practices; let's now change the world.


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  2. As much as I hate the idea of child labor, the fact remains that every great and powerful country had to go through a period of child labor. In these countries where child labor still exists in most cases if the children didn't have those jobs the family would not find the funding to maintain the necessities of life. Often both parents are also working and if they are not then they are most likely unable to work. I believe that the solution is to improve wages of children workers and the atmosphere of their workspace. Here in the developed countries we can help by donating to children in 3rd world countries, and supporting businesses that treat their children workers justly.

  3. Children should be at school not in the work place. They should enjoy their life, play with friends and study their lessons. They should not working for their families. At some way they can help their parents in making money but they should not doing hard and heaven works. Their little and young body cannot handle harsh task like carrying heaven things.

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